Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's been a busy month so far. A wedding, job searching, doing everything I can to make some money on the side. I did finally find a job (nothing exciting, just a call center, but a job is a job), but they won't be paying me until next month. I kind of failed miserably at that $5/day meal plan thing. Really it was just because this month was so busy. I didn't have time to make everything from scratch like I would have to for $5/day to work. I am still going to try and put together a post detailing how I think it would work - recipes, grocery list, ect., for those interested. I'm also planning on trying some cool things like homemade yogurt, apple sauce and fruit snacks as well as stocking my freezer with homemade microwave meals before I go back to school in September, so stay tuned for that. All four of those are things we spend way too much money on at the store. Oh, and there might be a giveaway coming up if all goes well.

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