Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love and Pennies

Hi! Welcome to my blog. Here I plan on talking about various ways a family can save money, everything from cheap recipes to saving money on furniture, as well as random helpful tips and tricks I find to make life cheaper and/or easier. There will probably also be the occasional post about general family life or things going on in the world that I care about, maybe even a few guest posts... but the main focus of this blog is making life cheaper and easier, because those two things will reduce stress and help make more time to spend with those you love.

I'm a wife and mother, my husband and I have a son who will be three in September. I'm a student and currently unemployed, though I have been searching for a part time job for a few months. My husband is a stay at home dad on disability support, which basically means he gets paid what anyone would make working a full time minimum wage job... and after rent and bills, we have about $400 for food and whatever else might come up in a month.

My goal for this summer (maybe writing it down will make it happen?) is to fill our freezer with meals that can easily be thrown in the oven, microwave or crock pot. You can be sure that I'll post each of the recipes and tips to get them put together faster. If I succeed, I'll save us a lot of money. I'll also have the peace of mind of knowing that my husband and son are eating something other than PB&J while I'm at school (he doesn't often cook) and my husband can heat something up so that dinner is on the table when I get home.

But first there's a lot of cleaning and unpacking to get done around here. We just moved - more rent and less space... but closer to school and (hopefully) work, which will save us money in the long run. So the next few posts will probably be about that... unless I get distracted... which happens a lot. I can at least say for sure that the next post will be about organizing our son's room, because that was today's project and all that's left to do is take pictures.

So that's all for now! I'll be back soon.

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