Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Giveaway Scoop

I'm a giveaway addict. I admit, I don't often win... but so far when I have won, it's been something awesome that I wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. Sometimes it's something for me or my family or a gift for a friend with a birthday coming up... and sometimes even when I don't win I come away with something - like the name of an awesome new company that sponsored the giveaway or an interesting blog I'd never heard of.

The problem is that tracking down all these giveaways can be time consuming, and after finding so many that us Canadians aren't eligible for I tend to lose interest, no matter how much I enjoy entering them.

However, a few days ago I found a new site called GiveawayScoop. It's a site where all the giveaway hosts can post their links for everyone else to find. The layout is nice and clean with a focus on pictures, much like Pinterest (another addiction of mine), so it's super easy to scroll through and find all the giveaways you might be interested. Best of all, you can click "United States", "Canada" or "International" to find giveaways that are more relevant to you.

Just FYI: I am in no way affiliated with GiveawayScoop. All the opinions stated here are my own and I am not receiving any monetary compensation... I am, however, getting 10 more entries into their awesome Kindle Fire giveaway!

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